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20. 8. 2022

Dr Fedeles in eveclinic, Bratislava

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Dr Fedeles did an amazing job with my nose, it looks perfect now & despite the removal of a bony hump there's no issues with breathing whatsoever & it's perfectly symmetrical. It took a few months for the swelling to disappear completely & therefore for the final result to show (which is absolutely normal I think!), but i was 100% happy with the change from day one, so don't worry about the convalescence :) Also, the incision was placed very well & the scar is hardly visible, so much that no one even mentioned it in the ~5 years.

The education on the procedure was flawless & took place in german. He didn't hesitate to tell me clearly what was possible and - more importantly - which expectations were unrealistic.

After the procedure i was given adequate pain medication without having to ask for it.

I would fully recommend treatment from dr Fedeles as well as the eveclinic in Bratislava to anyone


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