The result is very nice

I have been considering several things while choosing my Surgeon of rhinoplasty. During this search period, I’ve spoken to several doctors and discussed their suggestions, opinions and carefully considered their approach to myself as a patient.

When I started to consult my concerns, problems and wishes to Mrs. Dr. Skulavik, I became very quickly convinced, that this is the doctor I do want, and I do trust!

And YES, it was a very right decision!

Mrs. Dr. Jo Skulavik is an exeptional professional, with all the „must have“ attributes, that a great doctor has to have!

I felt that my doctor, Dr. Jo Skulavik, made a genuine emphatic connection - an attempt to understand how I feel and how my condition is affecting my everyday life.

She behaves absolutely professionally in all aspects of medical ethics (confidentiality, maintaining a professional distance from her patients and keeping them the important caring safe feeling at once)

My rhinoplasty got fantastic! The result is very nice and I’m happy to enjoy my beauty nose :-)

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